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Young pupils studying for SAT

SATS-The Essential Diet

Want to improve your test scores even more? Then try this SATS diet that's sure to get you fired up before the test!

The SATS diet:

  • Do drink lots of water as this improves your concentration, however, don't drink too much as you don't wan't to need the toilet during the test
  • Almond nuts are very good for your energy so why not have a handful of nuts before the test?
  • Don't have chocolate and sugary things as this clouds up your brain and causes you to not be able to concentrate
  • Natural foods such as seeds and grains and Omega 3 & 6 oils are good for the brain and are a great help
  • Maybe have a bag of carrots before the day of the test if your feeling peckish
  • Cereal in the morning is a much better alternative than a fry - up or toast in the morning as it contains whole grain which boosts your energy levels

The Facts:

  • About 60% of our brain is fatty material. Therefore, whatever we eat, can effect the working of our brain. Healthy brain food keeps our mental motor runiing, just as a healthy diet keeps our body going.
  • Researchers at the University of Sydney tested 117 people in a retirement village by putting them through a series of mental tests. Those who regularly took vitamin C scored higher than others. The tests included mental addition and subtraction.
  • The American Journal of Clinical nutrition reported in 1996 the results of a study on 260 people aged 65 to 90 with a series of mental exercises including mental artithmetic. The top performers were those who consumes the most fruits and vegatables and ate the least saturated fat.
  • Brain boosters like spinach contain betacarotene, vitamin c and folic acid and this keeps blood vessels supple and help transport nerve impulses more efficiently

Remember to have a good breakfast on the day of the test to make sure that you do not get hungry during the test!
Tips of the day
You must revise each topic again and again. Don't just read them through once, it takes longer to sink in that just one reading and every time you read them more information will stick in your brain.

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