karate-502384_640All parents want their children to excel in school. This is why they invest on tutors, academic equipment and other materials to help their children continue learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. The truth is that in order to improve a child’s performance, it is not enough to just focus on the cognitive aspect. The child must also exercise. You might not immediately see the connection between these two, but a lot of studies have revealed that exercise improves brain function and academic performance in general.

Motor skills and aerobic fitness

A study revealed that when children combine motor skills and aerobic fitness exercises, it could drastically improve their academic performance. An independent study published in the Journal of Pediatrics show those students who vary their activities during the day and not just limit themselves on academic preparations like reading or studying, perform better in class.

Exercise reduces ADHD and its symptoms  

ADHD is a problem in a sense that students who have this problem cannot focus well in school activities. They tend to move around more often. They also have shorter attention span. They are even considered as problems by teachers as they usually disrupt the class and affect other learners. A study in 2014 conducted by researchers at Michigan State has revealed that exercising before school reduces the impact of ADHD. They tend to be more focused in class and start to become more attentive.

Weight lifting may improve memory

There was also a study that found the connection between resistance training and weight lifting. It was revealed that those who do at least 20 minutes of weight each day become healthier and have improved their long-term memory. This is perfect if you have kids who really can’t recall their lessons during the exams. There are those who are smart and can answer questions right away. However, for long tests that need preparations, they might be a bit behind. This strategy could work for them.

Healthy body

Perhaps, the best effect of exercise is that children become less sickly. Their body becomes more resistant to diseases. They can sleep well at night and waking them up during the day does not become a problem. If they are healthy, they can spend more time studying and prepare for their tests.

It is important that you also let your child exercise every now and then. Carrying heavy weights is not necessary. Simple home gym equipment and online training videos would already suffice. You can also take a look at the top home gyms so that you can buy them for your kids.

Exercising does not necessarily guarantee that your child soars to the top of their class. It will at least make them feel better and live a healthier lifestyle. It is also important that they are trained to focus on health and fitness even at a young age. They will surely keep this training until they grow older and healthier lifestyle becomes a habit.

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