Being an international student, it is important to take up jobs while studying. In London, there are innumerable job opportunities for graduates as well as students. Students can undertake part-time work for 20 hours per week. During holidays, you can even opt for a full-time work too. But make sure that your university falls under the recognized categories. An institution which is not officially listed does not allow its students for part-time work. In general, students belonging to the European Union have no working restrictions. It is essential to find the right part-time jobs. These jobs bring out an income to support your educational expenses.

managementSeveral universities possess a career cell or a work placement centre to assist in your employability. There are various career groups at London to facilitate student employment. A part-time job provides you certain essential skills. It allows you to contribute effectively to a team. A part-time job is a perfect value addition for your curriculum vitae. It enhances the chances of acquiring a better rewarding career. A degree from the universities of London avails you a distinguished status amongst the crowd. London features an associative link with several top-notch companies. This avails additional career opportunities after graduation with reputed organizations.

For gaining a career in London, it is essential for the Non-European Union students to gain a work visa from UK Immigration Authority. You can opt for Tier 2 general visa to work in London. This visa is available to fresh graduates from an officially recognized university. To gain this visa, you should possess a job offer letter from a certified employer. Tier 1 graduate entrepreneur visa is available to those students who possess an outstanding business idea. Such students are often identified and sponsored by the university. The Tier 5 youth mobility scheme avails a two-year work permit for graduates. Hope you have a fulfilling stay at London.

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justin-at-uniThere is a wrong notion that international students in the UK have huge bank accounts in their home country. While it is true that, international students who come to the UK fall into the higher economic strata in their home countries, a huge majority of them have a small budget and are forced to stick to it. This makes them choose part-time jobs to earn the odd penny for miscellaneous expenses.

Part time jobs are not only a great way to compensate your budget but can help you develop responsibility, maturity and accountability. If you wish to do a part-time job along with your studies then this guide will help you get started.

Step 1: Know Your Visa
If you hold a valid student visa, then you are allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week during regular terms.
Step 2: Open a bank account
You require a bank account in the UK to receive payments from employers. A huge number of organisations do not pay in cash.

Step 3: Explore all your Options
The options are simply countless when it comes to part-time jobs. You can pick the one that suits you or choose one to acquire skills.

However, remember it’s easy to get carried away. Always ensure that you balance your work with studies.

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