apprentice-1694970_640There is a growing concern right regarding the use of testing for primary school students. At what age should they really start to be tested? There are a lot of issues surrounding testing. To begin with, parents complain that their kids are stressed out at a young age because they have to be tested. The second problem is that teachers now try to focus more on the cognitive aspect of the learners and fail to develop their moral character. After all, once the students get tested and they get a low score, the teachers will be blamed. They will be seen as failure and could even risk losing their job.

When should kids start sitting exams in school? Should they even be tested and graded? There really is no definite answer to these questions. There are some experts who would say that they should be given tests as early as 6 years old. They need to train for a more difficult life ahead. They will ultimately face tests as they reach higher years. Therefore, making the primary school as a training ground for them to learn how to take tests is a good decision.

There are others who don’t adhere in this philosophy. They think that kids should be kids. They are not supposed to be treated like adults and be tested like adults. They must have the freedom to do whatever they want, explore things and enjoy life as kids. They also believe that putting so much pressure on these kids at such a young age could have a negative effect on them as they grow older. They might feel really tired with the idea of schooling and they would hate studying in the future.

Focus on what is important

At a young age, there should be more attention given to their moral values and the formation of their character. It has to be properly laid out before they grow older. If they are not given the right tools at their age, then they might not have any other avenue to learn the values. They won’t be able to differentiate what is right from wrong. Sure, they become highly intellectual individuals, but they also become monsters without correct values.

Let them have fun

The best way to train these kids is to make them have fun. Let them explore the world. If they commit mistakes, then let it be. They should not be treated as pure statistics. Perhaps, if they are ready to take a test, then they should be given the chance to do so. However, there are other means in which they could be tested. It does not necessarily have to be in pure academic form.

They will become adults before you even realize it. Therefore, you need to give them the best opportunities at a young age. For instance, you can buy  the best bouncer now just to make your baby enjoy and feel freedom. Humans go through stages in life, and at their age, it is time for fun.

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