clock-yourIt’s the time of the year when students all across the country are busily revising their subjects. Exams are around the corner and revisions are in full swing. Exams need not be all that frightening. With the right guidance and preparation, you can ace your exams with ease. Here are a few simple tips to get going.

42c183c4d6c66cececd95bb4dcc190201. First, ensure that you are clear about the format and the content of the exam before you begin revising. Also, ask your mentor for advice on the topics likely to be covered in the exam.
2. Then begin your revision well before the exam. Devise a plan for revision. Ensure that you have all the copies of the notes and books that you require. This is a great way to have control over your preparation and to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
3. Get old exam papers if possible and practice them before your exam. This gives you a fair idea of what to expect in the exam.
4. Don’t stress yourself out before the exam. Take it easy and relax. If you strain yourself too much during preparation, you’re likely to end up exhausted while taking the exam.
5. Eat plenty of healthy and nutritious food during your revisions. Students tend to have a habit of spending too much time cooped indoors while revision. It’s important to indulge in a bit of exercise to boost your brain cells.

Active Revision:
Another great trick to ensure that you retain all that you learn is to make the revision active. Instead of just reading through stuff, you can try taking notes and highlighting important points to help you retain them better.

What to do the day before the exam:
The day before the exam, try to spend some time relaxing with your friends and conserve your energy for the big day. Ace through your upcoming exams this semester, with these smart tips!

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